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just something i do

I always pronounce the name of that Italian orange-pulp-containing soda "Orangina" with a long "i" sound like in "ice". 

It usually freaks people out. 


thoughts for the end of the day

- The soreness in my legs from the 6K on Sunday is finally gone. I can't wait for the run this weekend!

- I am a few steps closer to learning how to ollie. I need to spend more time with my board on that little bridge over Lake Merced.

- I miss my friend in Los Angeles. I should really give her a call.

- There has been no good surfing yet, and no good kiteboarding (for me at least). But, the summer is still young!

- I am actually looking forward to some self-taught review this summer in preparation for my organic chemistry class in the fall.

- I need to get my passport. I'm itching to get out of here with my best friend and partner by my side. Barcelona first.

- Will I ever finish Final Fantasy XII before XIII is released?!?!

my current book affair

I've finally started Carl Zimmer's Microcosm: E. coli And The New Science Of Life.

I am literally only 12 pages in, yet Zimmer has already managed to make me catch my breath, clutch the book to my chest, and feel my eyes get a little moist from the emotional impact of it all.

 You see, I find the most fascinating, beautiful, awe-inspiring, and spiritually uplifting experiences happen only when one is studying the world around them. This of course includes biology and microbiology, but also chemistry, physics, and even mathematics. Yes, I fall head over heels for scientific discovery.  The study of bacteria happens to be one of my top interests, so picking up and reading Microcosm as soon as I could get my hands on it was a given.
In short, when I read about a young Joshua Lederberg writing "Hooray!" in the margin of his lab notebook when he discovered there truly was some sort of reproduction going on among E. coli, I practically leaped up with a "Hooray!" myself. Of course I already know all about the outcome of Lederberg's experiments along with the work of Tatum and Beadle -- nothing new there -- but it was  the candid recounting of how a simple scientific discovery could produce such pure joy that made me appreciate I was reading about people who think like me: people who know that to truly live is to learn about and discover the world around them.

i should be jogging right now.

The other day I was riding my bicycle home under the freeway on-ramp there where Cesar Chavez and Potrero branch off. I glanced down and noticed that what looked to be a pile of detritus under an old Corona box was actually a dead cat. Of course I stopped, moved the box aside, and brought out the trusty cell-phone camera. I love this sort of stuff! It was probably hit by a car from what I could tell and had been dead for quite some time. It would have been pretty cute as a living cat: kind of medium-longish fluffly grey fur, a cute little face. It was on its side and fairly flattened. Its chest cavity had been ripped open and pretty much cleaned out. There was just a slight bit of goopy, tar-black muck lining the ribcage. Am I going into too much detail? Come on! This sort of thing is fascinating! I was standing there for a while - getting in really close with my phone - I'm sure I looked really nerdy. Some dude walked by and said "what IS that?!?" When I answered it was a dead cat he said "EW" and kept walking pretty quickly.

At least I didn't take it home with me.

When I was, oh, I don't know, 12? I scooted under our front porch belly first just to explore. I was hoping to find spiders or something but I hit upon the jackpot: a dead, practically mummified cat. I pulled it out and proudly displayed it as a trophy in my clubhouse. All the fur was long gone and the skin was pulled taught and leathery across the skeleton. Like the bike ride cat, one part of its chest cavity had been ripped open, but this was all dusty, dry bones -- no goopy bits to poke at.

I kept it along side my squirrel skull, hornets hive, birds nest, and various feathers, rocks and cicada skins. I think my mom finally found the stuff and threw it away.  


A list of good things:

- The Makes Nice
- rice krispie treats with chocolate chips and homemade dulce de leche
- my new bicycle and its white bar tape
- The Burgundy Loaf
- shiny petals on a buttercup
- skateboarding to get tart frozen yogurt (the only kind there should ever be!) in Berkeley
- moving past my fear of kiteboarding
- Ripley the sphinx cat at Borderlands
- The Big Lebowski at the Red Vic
- Charlie playing his fingers off at his show last Saturday
- getting tan
- quoth the T2 bacteriophage:  "all your base are belong to us" (ok. so sue me, but i can explain. i've lately fantasized about creating my own snarky webcomic starring the steadfast E. coli and his fellow wacky microbal pals. dorky? well, for some, yes. but for me and my fellow biologists? no

my new crush(es)

I am completely obsessed with Metalocalypse. Skwisgaar and Toki are my new favorite cartoon crushes. The Dethklok theme is constantly running through my head. Charlie and I even find ourselves muttering "That's brutal" at times appropriate (um, like, ALL times...we are oh so metal!) or modulating the last word in any sentence with a deep, cookie-monster growl which proves what we have just intoned is indeed of great enormity.
So, we were a little late jumping on the Dethklok train (haha! That makes me think of "Bluesklok." See! Totally obsessed!): just last night we finished watching the finale of season one. Now we just have to keep TiVo ready to get all the second season episodes. Though I wouldn't mind re-watching all the first season episodes we already own, I crave more. More, I tell you!

hatred abounds

I would like to go to this:


It isn't until June and I will actually have a break from school. 

Too bad it is in Las Vegas. What a deplorable place. Charlie and I once made a promise to each other that we would never go there if we didn't absolutely have to. This convention may be good enough to be the exception, I suppose. We'll have to see. 

I love that we both generally hate the same things with the same amount of intensity. Although, I probably hate people who are clueless about bacteria more than he does and he probably hates people who are clueless about recording equipment more than I do.  

Wednesday: an update to Tuesday

I never got that gross muffin from next door.  I'm very glad I didn't.

I've been obsessed with finding good recipes for asparagus today. I have a bunch sitting on my kitchen counter and I want to do something tasty with it. I'm leaning towards a toasted barley and asparagus "risotto."  I found the recipe on Epicurious: barley, butter, onion, garlic, veg broth, diced tomatoes, parmesan, arugula, lemon peel, and asparagus.  

I found out Richard Dawkins is speaking at UC Berkeley and also at Stanford in two weeks. I want to go.


What a beautiful day! I'm sitting here at the office with the front door wide open...listening to The Fucking Champs (how did I go so long without ever listening to this band!?!)...I went running this morning, too. I'm so glad for these mild, sunny days. I can be alive and ride my bicycle again! 

Speaking of bicycles, I have been wanting something better than my trusty single-speed for longer, more challenging rides. We've been shopping around, but there is really nothing that great under around $1200. So, Charlie and I have decided to build me a good road bike from the ground up instead of buying one!  It will be less expensive and the learning experience is invaluable. I'm looking at cheap carbon frames & forks on eBay and I've already snagged a great package deal of Shimano Sora shifters, Tiagra derailleurs, crankset, wheels, stem, chain and cassettes. After all is said and done, I can have myself an excellent bike for about $500 less than I would spend on one in the store. Next stop: taking day trips down the coast! I hear Stanford has some wonderful rides, too.

Gorsh. I want something sweet with this coffee. Must...stop....from...going next door...to...eat....gross...yet...yummy...muffin.....!!!

it's been a long long long time
how could i ever have lost you
when i loved you.

it took a long long long time
now i'm so happy i found you
how i love you

so many tears i was searching,
so many tears i was wasting, oh. oh -

now i can see you, be you
how can i ever misplace you
how i want you
oh i love you
you know that i need you.
oh i love you.